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The best mobile phones for field workers in 2020

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

You might know your team needs mobile phones to keep them working smoothly every day. Investing a large amount of money upgrading can sometimes seem wasteful, however, upgrading technology can boost productivity by 200-1000%.

According to experts, mobile devices should be replaced every 36 months. You must consider that an obsolete device poses higher security risks, dramatic reductions in productivity, and typically receive less support from the device manufacturer.

So you know you need to upgrade your mobile solutions. Let’s look at the key factors that should guide your decision.

  • Manufacturer Support and Security

  • Integration into your existing systems

  • Device build quality

Manufacturer Support and Security

This is key to simplifying the experience of managing and smoothly deploying your next devices.

We advise customers to look at Google’s Andriod One programme. Unlike any regular android phone which can have random software updates, Andriod One has the most recent and most secure software direct from Google installed on these certified devices. The Guarantee is listed as “2 years of Android upgrades and 3 years of security updates”.

Integration into your existing systems

Andriod is a superb platform for all business applications and boasts the largest application library of any mobile platform, so compatibility with industry-leading tools is almost a certainty.

Device Quality

Obviously the hardware must be fit for purpose, it needs to be well built and resilient to sometimes endure harsh environments. Also, we need to consider how fast the phone is. A slow phone that crashes the apps leads to frustrations and time waste, which makes its internal specifications quite important. Below is a selection of our most suitable candidates for your team:

Best All-round choice:

Google Pixel 4a

Source: Google

The Pixel 4a is Google’s own budget-friendly phone with clean software and the best camera on the market at this price. Good photos are key when registering a job done on your fieldworker app, especially in low light

Its’ simple design and excellent build quality mean you will not be disappointed with the Google Pixel 4a. It also boasts unlimited photo and video storage on the cloud.

Price: £349

Best mid-range:

Nokia 7.2

Source: Nokia

Large 6.3” screen and excellent build quality, the Nokia 7.2 is a great choice for those who want a larger-screened device for a competitive price.

Nokia has been consistently class-leading with its security and updates, so you can buy with confidence.

Price: £199

Best Budget Phone:

Xiaomi Mi A3

Source: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is a terrific value, it features a large 6” screen with a generous battery for long workdays. It is still an Andriod One device, so you can have peace of mind it will receive frequent updates.

Price: £175


There is an overwhelming choice for your next field worker mobile upgrade, so as the most-used piece of equipment any field worker will have, it is worth researching and investing wisely.

**All prices correct at time of writing


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