We allow businesses to digitise and standardise their field teams workflows with prescriptive processes, consistent checklists, and data capture for every type of job, reducing risks and increasing productivity.


“We rely heavily on propmap. We now have data insights that are helping our company be more efficient and deliver more quality to our customers.”

Lutz Ackermann
 CEO (customer)


Team Optimisation 

Intelligent Appointment System

Automated Work Import tools

Rule-Based Workflow

Work Visibility 

Dynamic Work Order list

GPS Location Map

Work Activity Streams

Business Insights 

Performance Tracking

Work Forecasting

Auditable work history


Clear Worker Tasks

Communicate Vital Work information

Offline Workflow

The mobile app works great when your internet

connection drops out

Process Checklist

Safety protocols
Standardised information capture

PDF and Photo Access on Site

Communicate Vital Work information​

Work Schedule

Holidays and Leave

Past & Future Work


“I need 15 minutes less to do boiler maintenance when using the app, which means I can do one extra job a day.”

Martin Schaefer  

Heating Engineer

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